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Pompocali – a little piece of Rome close to home!

on April 13, 2012


Pompocali – a little piece of Rome close to home!

As it’s the weekend you may have been mulling over somewhere interesting and new to take yourselves. I want to share with you somewhere that although a long way from Rome, Italy that I mentioned in my last post it does have a link.

I have lived in Leeds for the majority my life and until recently had never heard of the Roman earthworks called Pompocali near to the village of Bardsey, 8 miles from Leeds. I have driven past on the A58 to Wetherby too many times to remember but never had any idea this Roman site was there. I love the ‘Romans’ as a period of history so I had to visit this as soon as I could.

We picked a lovely sunny March day and set off from the lay by on the A58 into Hetchell Woods. The path is on a disused railway line and follows a stream through the woods. It was so peaceful that we could just hear birds and the trickling, gurgling water of the stream. We walked along the edge of freshly ploughed fields, past Hetchell Crag where rock climbers were practising with ropes and a few children were tackling the easier ascents of the rocks. Previous visitors have made a few rope swings in the trees and one especially fun swing from a tree at a ford across the stream where there were also stepping stones. The stream was perfect paddling depth and the children loved dangling over the stream on the rope swing.

A short distance up the hill we found Pompocali. Described as Roman earthworks it is a series of hills set in a horse shoe shape. No one is sure what these hills actually were- possibly a Roman fort or a quarry? My children were so excited when they saw the remains of what had probably been an evening camp fire and said ” Look you can see the Romans have been here, they had a fire!”

On a warm day this would be a great place for a picnic as my girls loved running up and down the hills and we could keep an eye on them from the top of one of the hills.

The way back to Bardsey was past old ruined mill buildings and along fields of broccoli and hedgerows. Back in Bardsey we stopped at ‘The Bingley Arms’ which is officially Britain’s oldest pub (dating back over 1000yrs) for a late Sunday lunch. The building is full of character and the food was excellent. The staff were very welcoming and friendly and the children were well catered for with smaller portions of the Sunday lunch.

We enjoyed our day out discovering a part of Leeds we never knew existed. I would really recommend a visit as a family weekend walk as it was a varied walk with the unusual addition of the Roman earthworks.

Fits my criteria of ‘I’d like to go there (again)!



One response to “Pompocali – a little piece of Rome close to home!

  1. nicola baird says:

    What a fab place which is something of a secret (I’ve never heard of it!). But I’m definitely going visiting and it’s a lot closer than Naples and Pompei. If you are interested in other places in the UK that you can go to, and pretend – with your kids – that you are somewhere else in the world have a look at my travel blog http://aroundbritainnoplane.blogspot.com. Enjoy your travels. Nicola

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