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I’d like to go to Manchester

on April 15, 2012

It’s Sunday night and I am sitting with my iPad looking for inspiration for somewhere to go with my girls tomorrow. We are very lucky that most schools go back tomorrow but we are just starting our second week of holiday! We will use this opportunity to go somewhere where we can make the most of the quiet day without crowds and queues.

Last year I discovered the City of Manchester. Before this I would only cross the Pennines to use Manchester Airport or go shopping at the Trafford Centre. I am unable to find a good reason why we never came across but I am finding there are so many great things to do in this big city that now I keep wanting to return.

Listed below are a few of the places in Manchester that I want to visit and do, obviously I can’t fit them all in tomorrow but we will make a start!

Museum of Science and Industry:
An interactive museum for all ages. Science experiments, history, air and space, 4D cinemas, planetarium and much more. All for free.

BBC and CBBC tours at Media City, Salford Quays:
Tours of the new BBC studios where Match of the Day, Dragons Den, BBC Breakfast, Radio 5 Live and more.
Tours of CBBC offer children age 6 and over the opportunity to see where their favourite programmes are made- Blue Peter, Newsround to name a few. They also get the chance to see what it’s like to be a presenter! My girls would love this and so would I!

Imperial War Museum North:
Again a major museum that’s free to visit. Very family friendly with events for children and families.

Treasure Trails:
After downloading the free app from their website you can follow a tour round Manchester solving clues to switch Manchester’s rain making machine off! Anything to encourage our children to walk with a distraction to the actual walking sounds perfect!

There’s so much to do in Manchester that I admit I am a teensy bit jealous of all the lucky people who live in Manchester who have all the fun on their doorstep! I have only mentioned a few things that have caught my eye but if anyone has any suggestions for a great day in Manchester I’d love to hear them so I can add them into my mixing pot of things to do when I next visit.

K x


One response to “I’d like to go to Manchester

  1. On my last visit to Manchester I actually headed into the city centre – the closest I’ve got before is the Trafford Centre too!

    We visited just before Christmas and there was a great festive atmosphere, with Christmas Markets in the city centre. We enjoyed walking through the Castlefield area too, some nice sights, pubs, restaurants and waterways there.

    I agree Manchester is well worth a visit.

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