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I’d like to go to the seaside

on April 22, 2012

I’d like to go to the seaside

One of this week’s news stories reported that spending time at the seaside had a more positive effect on people than the countryside or urban park. The reasons are unclear but most of us look forward to spending time on the coast. Perhaps it’s the unending views out to sea, the vast expanse of the coastline or maybe the reality that we as people are so small when contrasted with nature and the power of the sea.

At Easter we were in Filey on the coast in North Yorkshire. We are so lucky that my in laws live on the beach front. My girls are in their element here. Quite simply- they love it!

When I think about what I want from time spent with my children, quite often I want them to experience a place or occasion as I did when I was a child. I

know it seems like we look back at our own childhood’s through rose coloured spectacles but things did seem more simp

le then and I think that is what I want my girls to experience- simple pleasures.

I meet many people as part of my job and when I mention Filey to them most people have fond memories of this seaside town, whether it be childhood holidays or more recent trips. Filey seems to be the perfect English seaside town with something to suit everyone.

The beach is a vast expanse of sand that runs for miles in either direction. It has been awarded

the EU Blue Flag for cleanliness. In summer there is a section of beach on which dogs are not allowed ensuring that you can happily dig and play on the super clean sand.
Apart from playing in the sand there is so much to entertain your family. There are traditional donkey rides, mini golf and miniature carousel, swing boats and bouncy castle. A free paddling pool for children to play in out of the sand is just above the beach. Along the seafront promenade brassy shells have been randomly placed onto the pavement which creates a good spotting game. There are a few cafes and ice cream sellers on the beach for refreshments to suit for hot or cold days. In winter my girls find it hard to resist the smell of freshly made donuts and in summer we always have to have our daily ice cream!

One of our favourite ways to spend some time on a wet day is putting 2p coins in the games at Filey’s amusement arcade on the cobble landing. Children of all ages seem to be attracted to playing these machines, me included. Perhaps it’s the sound of falling coins that inspires you to keep putting more 2p coins in or watching the coins balancing precariously on the edge about to fall believing that your next 2p will topple the pile into your hands!

A walk along Filey Briggs when the tide is out is great for going rock pooling. As with any coastal walk its really important to look a the tide timetable before you head off. If you are lucky it’s possible to spot seals in the sea just off the rocks. The beach and Brigg are both great places to go fossil hunting. Over the years we have gathered quite a good collection of small fossils we have found on the beach.

Filey town has quite a few small shops selling

all sorts from beach buckets and spades, an old fashioned chocolate shop called Sterchis, an art shop with great pictures (see my photo) and a few cafes. Our favourite cafe is Bramwells, it has a lovely selection of homemade cakes and is a great place for a cup of coffee if the weather is not great.

Overall Filey has everything you would want from a British seaside town in perfect proportion. It is unspoilt from major tourism and retains its charm as a popular family seaside destination. It reminds me of seasides how they used to be. If you are planning a trip to the Yorkshire coast then make Filey top of your list to visit. You won’t regret it!




3 responses to “I’d like to go to the seaside

  1. Jacq says:

    It looks wonderful. We’ve not been up to Yorkshire but I think the idea of a UK wide car trip is starting to take hold.

  2. Yorkshire is a great place to visit – really worthwhile trip!

  3. Spent an afternoon in Filey a few years ago. I remember the tide coming in very close to the prom and playing the Crazy Golf course with the HUGE metal Lobster on it!

    Great fun 🙂

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