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Lake District … Swallows and Amazons … something to aspire to.

on June 5, 2012

We’re off to Keswick, in the Lake District as a whole family over fourteen of us from three generations! My husband grew up here- he was a typical free range kid- open spaces, outdoor adventures with his sister, being free to be a child and get up to all sorts!

My children have never been to the Lake District so to set the scene for them I bought ‘Swallows and Amazons’ by Arthur Ransome for our bedtime reading to get us in the mood. This was one of my favourite stories as a child. The story of children roaming free – sailing, camping and having their own adventures away from a world where grown ups could keep a close eye on them.

The simplicity of life back then is something of which we would all wish for our own children now. Has it been irrevocably lost or do we think in a different way now? Is it society that does not allow us to relax when our children are out of sight? I’m pretty sure there aren’t many parents who would allow their children at the age of 7years to go camping on their own for the summer holidays on an island on a lake! I know it’s just fiction that I am comparing the present day against but let’s say for sake of argument that the children were to be perfectly safe, how many of them would have the skills needed to survive?

In the attempt of giving my girls varied life experiences I often come up with ideas of things to do that either myself or my husband did as children. The things we choose are uncomplicated, simple pleasures from which we feel the girls will gain life skills, experiences and probably most importantly great childhood memories that they will want to share with their children when the time comes.


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