I would like to go there!

Unique and inspiring travel destinations


I’d like to go there!

What makes me happy? Transports me away to sunnier, warmer or even snowier places? The answer is holidays. Holidays conceived and planned by me going to places that the masses of holiday makers don’t know or think about.

The destination could be close to home or far away but what makes it exciting to me is that I’ve found it without travel agents or big companies. Yes it takes me time searching through the Internet but the satisfaction of finding a rustic French bed and breakfast as a stopover to the Alps or an Italian escape in Umbria is the start of a perfect holiday.

My aim is to plan a time to captivate my family’s imagination, to allow time to discover new experiences and places together and to rest and relax.

I share my finds with friends, colleagues and anyone that’s interested who wants to gain different ideas to create a memorable and individual holiday. I am known as the one to ask when you need some inspiration to plan your next getaway with friends saying ‘Ask Karen she’ll know of something interesting!’

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to be inspired with new destinations and ideas of places to visit.


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